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    Posted on July 8, 2012 by in Digital Distribution, Downloads, Music Marketing, Social Media, Social Music

    99th Floor Elevators Facebook page

    The Elevators Facebook MP3 Store  got a nice plug at  AllFacebook.com a while back. Though, as usual with Facebook, they messed around with settings which means things don’t look as integrated as they once were. We don’t get any traffic from Facebook anyway, to be honest. Most of the people looking for 99th Floor Elevators downloads come here via Google searches and head over directly to our Bandcamp page anyway.

    But it was nice to be one of the early adopters of the Bandcamp Facebook store plugin doodab!

    Whether or not the name of the application Bandcamp reminds you of the American Pie movies, the new app allows musical acts to create pages on Facebook. Bandcamp‘s basic service is free, with the company taking a 15 percent share of revenue from music downloads, and premium options are available.

    Bandcamp Drives Music Sales Via Facebook Pages (AllFacebook.com)

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