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Hooked EP

The fantastic Hooked remix from Nev Scott & Frank Farrell which graced the 21st anniversary Trade compilation ‘Coming Of Age’ has been given the full release treatment from Toolbox House.

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Most of the people looking for 99th Floor Elevators downloads come here via Google searches and head over directly to our Bandcamp page anyway.

How To Press A Vinyl Record

When everyone on the planet seemingly has an MP3 release clogging up the arteries of the heaving iTunes, what better way to be seen by going to the trouble of pressing up your sacred music on vinyl.

50+ Compilations!

The Elevators have been licensed for deals in Europe, Japan, Australia and the USA by labels like Ministry of Sound, BMG, Virgin, EMI, Universal, Tidy and Armada.

The original two versions of fledgling Trade anthem 'Hooked', (well before genius pairing Tony De Vit and Simon Parkes injected the track with magic dust !) were actually put together in a day in a tiny front room studio in a Mitcham, South London terrace.