Steve Hill DJ Mix-London Hard House Reunion

London Hard House Reunion 2012 - Mixed By Steve Hill

If you like your Hard House Fast and Euphoric (who doesn’t right?!) there can be no better purveyor of the melodic arm raising stomp than Kiwi DJ Steve Hill,and what better way to sample the skills of ‘the King Of Euphoric Hard Dance’ than this thumping mix from the Auckland, New Zealand ‘London Hard House Reunion 2012’ from last summer which tucks in a few of my personal faves, including Dave Holmes genius ‘Samsara’ to brilliant effect and manages to squeeze in Pete Wardman’s still wildly popular remix of ‘Hooked’ (top seller on the Elevators Bandcamp too!) near the end. NRGetic stuff, naturally!

On a side note Steve Hill (alongside Mick Shiner) were responsible for the Phlash! radio/pop edit of the Tripoli Trax reissue of ‘Hooked’.

Original Hooked Promo Video Posted


Way back in 1995 when ‘Hooked’ first appeared, PWL saw fit to splash out on a rather cheesy promo video for the track. The video was actually very rarely seen though did make a few appearances on MTV Europe and late night UK TV.
After much searching we managed to actually locate a copy of the original video which of course is now floating around via YouTube so I guess everyone can see it now and see how daft it looks, but hey, all fun stuff I guess and just in case you were curious….

99th Floor Elevators ‘Hooked (Tony De Vit Radio Edit)’

99th Floor Elevators ‘Rain Your Kisses’

Rain Your Kisses 99th Floor Elevators

The Elevators ‘Rain Your Kisses’, original vinyl release quickly vanished without trace released as it was between two national UK chart hits in ‘Hooked’ and ‘I’ll Be There’ and it is sounding its age these days, like the 90s Italo house flavoured chugger that it was, but there are elements amongst the three mixes which hint that maybe a 2013 revamp could be on its way soon so if you’d like a prod at it do drop us a line!

The ‘Heavenly and Ivory’ version does it for me:

Check out the other two versions here:

Songle Song Visualisation

Songle Music Visualisation App
Songle Music Visualisation App

Been playing around with Songle, a web based song visualisation app from Japan. I posted in the URL for the Curverpusher remix of ‘Hooked’ to see what happens and its pretty cool and actually gave me the idea that maybe recording the visuals to post on Youtube wouldn’t be a bad idea. Something interesting to look at compared to the usual static images that seem to be all over the site !

‘Hooked’ Gets Ravey, BK Style!

HardKast 22 Andy Whitby

There’s been a remix of ‘Hooked’ in the pipeline from BK for a few months now but the wait is over as ‘Hooked’ gets a turbo-boost-hardhouse-raver of a remix (the BK Go Hard Remix to be precise!) from the Hard House Don just in time for the New Year! You can sample the new version via Andy Whitby’s HardKast #22 podcast show. Move the dial up to around the 31 minute mark if you’re impatient, sit yourself down and strap yourself in !

Andy Whitby Hard Kast 22

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DJ Fergie aka Rob Guson’s Last Ever Trade Set

Its been a while since I heard  anything about one time Tony De Vit protégé DJ Fergie so imagine my surprise to find out he’s enjoying success in Las Vegas as DJ Rob Guson (derived from the name his parents gave him, Robert William Ferguson of course!). Anyway, I stumbled across ex-Trade resident Rob’s final set from the hallowed club back in March of 2008 courtesy of

Fergie Rob Guson  DJ Mix

Of course the epic Tony de Vit version of Hooked takes a bow second track in !

DJ Fergie ‘Fergie’s Excentric Muzik Session 008’

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The Hooked EP on Beatport

The fantastic Hooked remix from Nev Scott & Frank Farrell which graced the 21st anniversary Trade compilation ‘Coming Of Age’
has been given the full release treatment from Toolbox House.As part of the labels 9th Birthday celebrations the Nev Scott & Frank Farrell remix is joined by the original mixes released on Toolbox House from label boss Nik Denton and remix superstars 7th Heaven, whose remix is dedicated to the late Tony De Vit and the club that touched so many hearts, Turnmills.

99th Floor Elevators 'Hooked EP' available from Beatport on Toolbox House

The 99th Floor Elevators ‘Hooked EP’ is available now from Beatport.

Bronski Beat vs 99th Floor Elevators

I’ll often scour Google for any 99th Floor Elevators activity so imagine my surprise to stumble on a new ‘Hooked’ mashup (lets forget the one with Michael Jackson that sounds like two blokes falling down the stairs!) today. This one welds together Bronski Beat’s ‘Hit That Perfect beat’ with the  Steve Thomas Tripoli Trax remix of ‘Hooked’ (from 2000).

It actually blends pretty good, with not too many grating audio clashes and the onus is on the Bronski’s vocal with Thomas’s chunky remix pushing up from the rear. Not a classic but done pretty well. Oh, this all comes courtesy of the DefPunk crew from Germany who proudly claim “We don’t twitter. We don’t myspace. We just YouTube and SoundCloud!”

Listen: DefPunk ‘Hit That Perfect Beat (Hooked)’ Soundcloud

YouTube TheRealDefPunk