Dumping MySpace For Bandcamp

We’ve long had a profile on MySpace but the site has long been in a downward spiral for us, overtaken with spam and ads and well, junk. Also, out of the 3500+ ‘fans’ we’d built up, we didn’t have one of those users email addresses. MySpace did. We’ve actually kept the page holder to keep hold of the name, but that’s all.

Anyhow, to cut a long story short, we deleted the whole profile, there’s too many better alternatives these days and RootMusic is another one we’ll be using too as well as the Amazon Artist Central profiles and Apple’s Ping.

Anyway, our number one fave right now is hands-down easily Bandcamp, where we have set up our own MP3 download store (at last).

Check it out. I’m sure you’ll agree its a MySpace ‘killer’ !

Published on September 19, 2010