Steve Hill DJ Mix-London Hard House Reunion

London Hard House Reunion 2012 - Mixed By Steve Hill

If you like your Hard House Fast and Euphoric (who doesn’t right?!) there can be no better purveyor of the melodic arm raising stomp than Kiwi DJ Steve Hill,and what better way to sample the skills of ‘the King Of Euphoric Hard Dance’ than this thumping mix from the Auckland, New Zealand ‘London Hard House Reunion 2012’ from last summer which tucks in a few of my personal faves, including Dave Holmes genius ‘Samsara’ to brilliant effect and manages to squeeze in Pete Wardman’s still wildly popular remix of ‘Hooked’ (top seller on the Elevators Bandcamp too!) near the end. NRGetic stuff, naturally!

On a side note Steve Hill (alongside Mick Shiner) were responsible for the Phlash! radio/pop edit of the Tripoli Trax reissue of ‘Hooked’.

Published on September 9, 2014