• 99th Floor Elevators ‘Rain Your Kisses’

    Posted on February 15, 2013 by in Digital Distribution, Downloads, News, Social Music, Vinyl Pressings

    Rain Your Kisses 99th Floor Elevators

    The Elevators ‘Rain Your Kisses’, original vinyl release quickly vanished without trace released as it was between two national UK chart hits in ‘Hooked’ and ‘I’ll Be There’ and it is sounding its age these days, like the 90s Italo house flavoured chugger that it was, but there are elements amongst the three mixes which hint that maybe a 2013 revamp could be on its way soon so if you’d like a prod at it do drop us a line!

    The ‘Heavenly and Ivory’ version does it for me:

    Check out the other two versions here:

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