• The Ultimate Giorgio Moroder Playlist

    Posted on July 10, 2012 by in DJs, Downloads, P2P, Remix, Social Music, Spotify
    Giorgio Moroder Spotify Playlist

    ‘Moroderesque’-Giorgio Moroder Spotify Playlist

    To be quite honest I haven’t had as much time as I would’ve liked to listen to Spotify and explore all its features, but I got a quick reminder on how cool it really was when I got into a bit of a mini discussion on my Buzzsonic Twitter profile recently about the awesome soundtrack that enhances the stunningly brilliant Nicolas Winding Refn helmed, Ryan Gosling starrer, ‘Drive’.

    I did mention in an earlier Tweet, that the soundtrack could have been written in the 80s by Giorgio Moroder for a Michael Mann film. Now Moroder was very much an influence on the music of the 99th Floor Elevators (and many others of course!), starting with the gamechanging ‘I Feel Love’ of course.

    So, I went about creating a Giorgio Moroder Spotify playlist of tracks by the great man himself and tracks influenced by him too. I even managed to squeeze in Richard Colman’s ‘Moroder-esque’ version of ‘Hooked’ which fits in brilliantly (and which you can grab free here too!).

    The only frustrating thing was I couldn’t find ‘When I Need You’ by the late great Donna Summer (the ‘Once Upon a Time’ album was missing, strangely enough). But how much more fun it was than listening to iTunes 90 second clips or going on a bewildering web search to find just about¬†everything¬†Moroder has done.


    The playlist has picked up over a thousand plays via the Spotify playlist site Playlists.net

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